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To ensure the safety profile of your hit compounds it is critical that you obtain reliable, high quality hERG screening data.

hERG Screening provides you with quick and reliable information regarding the potential cardiac liability of your compound due to binding to the hERG channel.

Cardiac Safety Screening Services

Metrion’s cardiac safety experts deliver the highest quality hERG screening service using validated assays on gigaseal quality manual and automated patch-clamp electrophysiology platforms.

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Our assays are CiPA-compliant and our data has been included in a number of FDA and HESI peer-reviewed publications in 2020. 

The combination of our scientific expertise and high quality screening systems allows us to reliably identify potential cardiotoxic effects of test compounds, giving you the confidence to efficiently progress your drug discovery projects. 

We not only provide you with raw and analysed data, but our team of Ion Channel specialists can help interpret this data, providing expert insights to better understand your compound’s risk profile and potential for further development. 

Metrion Biosciences hERG drug screening service will: 

  • Identify the cardiac safety profile of your compounds 
  • Be comparable with the ‘gold standard’ manual patch-clamp method 
  • Deliver reliable high-throughput screening in as little as three weeks 
  • Be supported by expert interpretation and analysis. 
hERG concentration response assay
Figure 1. Shows a representative four-point concentration response assay using Verapamil.

Cardiac Safety Screening Resource Library

White Papers
Application notes
Cardiac Safety Screening Technologies
  • QPatch automated electrophysiology platform
  • Patchliner automated electrophysiology
  • Conventional manual patch clamp electrophysiology
  • Plate-based impedance and microelectrode array techniques
  • FlexStation plate-based imaging
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