Current Vacancies:

Cell Biologist Position at Metrion Biosciences

Metrion is forming a new Cell Biology Group to increase our portfolio of cell lines and cell biology technologies for use in customer research programmes. We are seeking a highly motivated and creative scientist with a strong intellectual and practical background in cellular and molecular biology to lead this initiative. The role will be based at our Granta Park headquarters (Cambridge, UK) and the successful applicant will be responsible for the strategic planning of cell biology activities and management of a small team. Please click on the job title to download the full description.

Client Services Research Leader Position at Metrion Biosciences

To support our future growth plan Metrion is seeking an experienced ion channel electrophysiologist with a passion for drug discovery research and ability to operate in a fast-moving commercial environment. The role will be based at our Granta Park headquarters (Cambridge, UK) and the successful applicant will be responsible for performing hands on client research, liaison with Metrion’s Head of Client Research Services to ensure delivery of customer research within the planned timeline and budget and management responsibilities. Candidates should ideally have experience conventional and/or automated patch clamp electrophysiology, a strong background in ion channel research and some management and/or project management experience. Please click on the job title to download the full description.

Electrophysiology Positions at Metrion Biosciences

First-hand practical experience of either manual/automated patch-clamp is required for these appointments. Knowledge of standard laboratory instruments and common laboratory procedures is essential, preferably with some exposure to software used for electrophysiological experiments and familiarity with plate-based assay technology. Other duties will include data analysis, interpretation and presentation, assay development, literature review and preparing target validation documents. Experience of translational assays, including native tissue preparation and recording would be advantageous. As a CRO, Metrion Biosciences expects our staff to consistently deliver high quality data with a flexible schedule; in return our staff benefit from being exposed to a diverse set of industry-leading ion channel assays and opportunities to interact with a range of UK, European and international clients. Applicants will also possess a broad scientific knowledge for drug discovery and ion channel physiology/pharmacology; including hands-on technical expertise in developing and executing a variety of ion channel assays. Please click on the job title to download the full description.

About Metrion Biosciences
Metrion Biosciences is a growing ion channel focused contract research organization (CRO) providing drug discovery services to a worldwide client base from our UK headquarters based at Granta Park near Cambridge, UK. Our technologies include manual and automated patch-clamp, microelectrode array systems, plate-based fluorescence imaging and impedance platforms. We have assembled a team of highly skilled expert ion channel scientists and successful applicants will play a key role in the further success of our company.

Our team has extensive experience of a range of preclinical research and clinical development programs across various therapeutic indications. We have recently validated an industry leading package of high-quality cardiac safety ion channel and translational research assays, including human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC). Metrion’s work encompasses screening and mechanistic studies applied to a range of small and large  molecules that are used as ion channel ligands in modern drug discovery.

Metrion is always interested in hearing from talented and capable scientists with a passion for ion channels and drug discovery. If you would like us to keep your details on file for upcoming open positions please send a short CV and covering letter via the CONTACT button below or directly to

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