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05th March 2018: Metrion appoints two new Board Directors.
12th February 2018: Metrion Biosciences establishes Scientific Advisory Board.
5th February 2018: Metrion Biosciences awarded £200k funding under Innovate UK Biomedical Catalyst Feasibility Award.
29th January 2018: Metrion Biosciences acquires rights to small molecule potassium channel inhibitors from Japan Tobacco Inc.
16th January 2018: Metrion Biosciences opens £600k investment round through SyndicateRoom to support growth of service business.
31st July 2017: LifeArc and Metrion Biosciences extend partnership to support LifeArc’s neuroscience small molecule drug discovery programme.
2nd May 2017: Metrion Biosciences appoints Chief Operating Officer and Head of Business Development.
24th April 2017: Metrion Biosciences and Venomtech announce collaboration to search for novel modulators of ion channels with proven therapeutic potential.
15th March 2017: Metrion Biosciences and Concept Life Sciences Introduce Integrated Ion Channel Drug Discovery Service.
28th February 2017: Metrion Biosciences and Assay.Works Announce Collaboration to Enhance Ion Channel Drug Discovery Capability.
7th November 2016: Axiogenesis and Metrion announce stem cell collaboration.
17th October 2016: Metrion Expands Operations.
23rd August 2016: Metrion Biosciences Joins CRACK IT “DRGNET” Human Pain Research Consortium.
26th July 2016: Axol Bioscience and Metrion Biosciences Announce Research Collaboration to Study Human Stem Cell-Derived Cardiomyocytes for Cardiac Safety and Drug Discovery Applications.
21st March 2016: Metrion Biosciences receives funding to work on human stem cell-derived iPS cardiomyocytes to create better cardiac safety assays.
22nd October 2015: Metrion Biosciences becomes and independent CRO.
13th May 2015: Xention introduces Metrion Biosciences, a Specialist Ion Channel Screening Business.