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6th Cambridge Ion Channel Forum 2019


Metrion Biosciences and AstraZeneca are co-hosting the 6th Cambridge Ion Channel Forum on Tuesday 9th April 2019 at the Milstein Building (Medimmune) at Granta Park, Great Abington. Registration is being co-ordinated by One Nucleus- please click here to request your place. The order of the day is as follows: Cambridge Ion Channel Forum – Tuesday [...]

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The Biophysical Society 2019 Satellite Meeting – Drug Discovery for Ion Channels XIX


Metrion Biosciences are sponsoring this years' Biophysical Society Satellite event 'Drug Discovery for Ion Channels XIX' in Baltimore on Friday 1st March 2019. Metrion's CSO Dr Marc Rogers and Sales and Marketing Manager Dr Sophie Rose will be attending. Marc Rogers will be presenting "Successful Development of State-dependent Voltage-gated Ion Channel Modulators with in vivo [...]

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Professor Nikita Gamper Presentation


The ninth Metrion Biosciences external speaker presentation will be given by Professor Nikita Gamper. On 5th February 2019 Professor Gamper will be presenting: “M-type potassium channels in nociceptive pathways: physiological roles and therapeutic potential”. The venue will be the Granta Centre, Granta Park and the presentation will start at 13.30. Nikita is Head of the Neuroscience [...]

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Implementation of a kinetic hERG Assay Protocol Using QPatch 48


The Metrion Biosciences team recently produced an application note reporting the successful validation of the ‘Milnes’ voltage protocol for hERG screening using a QPatch 48 automated patch clamp (APC) assay platform. First reported in 2010 using the conventional whole cell patch clamp technique (Milnes et al., 2010, J. Pharmacol. Toxicol. Methods, 61(2), 178-191), this assay [...]

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An Interview with Professor Alistair Mathie


Professor Alistair Mathie, one of Metrion's previous external speakers, gives a perspective below regarding his research into two pore domain potassium channels and his involvement in a collaborative project focused on the detection of atrial fibrillation (AF). On the latter topic, Metrion would like to offer its congratulations to Alistair and his colleagues on the Pharmacists [...]

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Ninth Nanion Users Meeting, Munich


Metrion Biosciences will be attending the ninth Nanion Technologies User Meeting in Munich, Germany 25-26th October 2018. Metrion's Sam Manyweathers will be presenting:- "Designing multiple assay protocols for ligand-gated ion channel targets using the stacked tip feature on the Patchliner". Nanion feature a dedicated area of their website to collaborative partners and Metrion is delighted to [...]

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An Interview with Professor Gary Stephens


Professor Gary Stephens gives his perspective on his research into calcium channel modulation, cannabinoid-derived anti-epileptic agents; plus biologics and SUMOylation in the field of ion channel modulation. Calcium channels and synaptic transmission are major components of your research career. What inspired you to focus on these areas and what is the basis of your continued [...]

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An interview with Professor Annette Dolphin


Professor Annette Dolphin (University College London), Metrion Biosciences Scientific Advisory Board member and the seventh presenter in Metrion Biosciences External Speaker Series, gives a perspective on her research into  neuronal voltage-dependent calcium channels. How and when did you first become interested in neuropharmacology? In the second year of my Biochemistry degree in Oxford, during my Diploma [...]

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Interactive Stem Cell Forum


Metrion Biosciences and Axol Bioscience joined forces on Wednesday 23rd May to co-host the 2018 “Interactive Stem Cell Forum” in Cambridge (UK).              A meeting featuring a morning of informative and thought-provoking talks from leading academic and industry-based researchers working in the stem cell field, followed by an afternoon [...]

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Cambridge Ion Channel Forum


Metrion Biosciences and AstraZeneca joined forces on Tuesday 8th May 2018 to co-host the fifth Cambridge Ion Channel Forum at Medimmune’s Milstein Building on Granta Park, Cambridge (UK). Established in 2011, with previous co-organisers including Neusentis, Medimmune and BioFocus, this afternoon session of ion channel focused presentations provides an opportunity for delegates to participate [...]

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