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Nav1.5(Late) Cardiac Safety Assay on QPatch


The Metrion Biosciences team have recently produced a second application note in collaboration with Sophion Bioscience, describing the use of a ∆KPQ LQT3 mutant to create and validate a Nav1.5 (Late) cardiac safety assay on QPatch 48. Herein, we aim to provide a more reliable and accurate Nav1.5(Late) assay, which removes the requirement for costly [...]

Nav1.5(Late) Cardiac Safety Assay on QPatch2019-09-02T13:16:05+00:00

An interview with Professor Mustafa Djamgoz


 Professor Mustafa Djamgoz (Imperial College London), the sixth presenter in Metrion Biosciences External Speaker Series, provides some insight into his research into the role of ion channels in cancer and metastasis. You first published observation regarding the upregulation of voltage-gated sodium channels (VGSCs) in cancer cell lines in 1995. What was your initial rationale for [...]

An interview with Professor Mustafa Djamgoz2018-07-31T11:05:00+00:00