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Flexible High-Throughput Screening with access to compound libraries

Design a customised hit-finding campaign that complements your ion channel strategic requirements

Increase diversity and efficiencies in screening and target identification

Access to high quality compound libraries enables greater flexibility and increases diversity and enables us to maximise customer R&D budgets even more effectively.

The combination of our specialist ion channel expertise with substantial high-throughput screening (HTS) and hit-finding experience gives customers access to a dedicated team of drug discovery scientists, ensuring the correct strategic choices are made in compounds selected for screening. We also provide a Structured Data File (SDF) of all libraries to compare against existing libraries, further increasing efficiency.



Enamine have the world’s largest compound collection, including CNS and ion channel focused target libraries. Specifically, the Hit Locator Library (HLL) contains 460,000 compounds which we can split into screening sets, giving customers the benefit of cost efficiencies in the number of compounds screened. In addition, analog-by-catalog from Enamine in-stock and make-on-demand REAL libraries presents a fast and efficient way for hit expansion and SAR studies. Read the press release.

Assay.Works combine non-redundant small molecule sets as modular high-throughput screening decks. Access to 150,000 small molecule compounds optimized for lead-likeness and diversity, free of undesirable chemotypes, verified by LC/UV/MS.

Apply HTS ion channel screening to your drug discovery project

Our specialist ion channel screening scientists have extensive experience in providing high quality biology services for ion channel targets. We work flexibly to suit the needs of your project and budget.

HTS technologies


FLIPR® Penta: traditional fluorescence-based technique.

Qube 384: next-generation HTS electrophysiology for a direct read of ion channel function.

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Let’s work together

What are your specific ion channel screening requirements?

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss your project, we will put you directly in touch with a member of our scientific team. Contact us today to discover more.