Links to download our conference and service flyers are given below. Please contact us if you require any further information in addition to that given on the flyers.

Collaborative Webinar Announcement flyer: “Validation and optimisation of automated patch clamp voltage-gated Ca2+ channel assays”

Domainex collaboration TRPA1 case study flyer

Metrion-Nanion collaboration flyer highlighting Patchliner and CardioExcyte 96 services

Society of Toxicology, San Antonio, March 2018 flyer.

Ion Channel Screening and Integrated Drug discovery flyer.

iCell Cardiomyocytes2 for Cardiac Safety Screening flyer.

Metrion’s Complete CiPA Toolkit flyer.

Neuroscience Applications flyer.

Translational Neuroscience Case Study flyer.

Society of Toxicology, Baltimore, March 2017 flyer.

Cardiac Safety Screening flyer.

iPSC-Derived Cardio myocyte Characterisation Services flyer.

Assay Development Services flyer.

ACEA CardioSymposium and Safety Pharmacology Society September, Vancouver, 2016 flyer.

Q2 2016 flyer.