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Serving the worldwide pharmaceutical and life sciences industry

We are leaders in providing high-quality ion channel drug discovery and safety assessment services to the worldwide pharmaceutical and life sciences industry. With customers in more than 20 countries and on five continents, we deliver efficient and successful ion channel screening expertise to meet our customers’ needs promptly and accurately.

Our customers range from large pharmaceutical companies and established entities within the life sciences industry to smaller specialist businesses looking to validate, develop or de-risk ion channel modulators as they progress towards a nomination for clinical development. We also work with charities, academics and start-ups to explore the potential of particular compounds using pre-validated industry-leading assays for ion channels.

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Why partner with Metrion?

Metrion provides
  • Exceptional ion channel electrophysiology expertise and services
  • High quality, cost-effective compound screening assays
  • Detailed characterisation of lead compounds in human cells and native tissue
  • Confirmation of efficacy in stem cell and other phenotypic models
  • Rapid reporting and data interpretation by our experienced customer focused team
  • A dedicated, flexible service tailored to each customer’s requirements
Our experience

Ion channel drug discovery is reliant on sophisticated screening platforms. Metrion scientists have decades of accumulated experience utilising such devices.

All of our electrophysiology platforms deliver high-quality recordings and data. Our platforms offer flexible support for assay development, primary target screening, hit confirmation, lead optimisation and SAR, mechanistic and phenotypic studies.

Our platforms include
  • Qube-384
  • QPatch II
  • QPatch-48
  • Patchliner
  • Manual patch clamp
  • Multi-Electrode Array and impedance (native and iPSC neurons and cardiomyocytes)
  • FLIPR Penta
  • FlexStation
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What are your specific ion channel and assay needs?

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your specific assay requirements, we will put you directly in touch with a member of our scientific team. Contact us today to discover more.