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Ion Channel Screening

Metrion has developed validated screening assays against an extensive panel of ion channel cell lines using a variety of high quality ion channel screening platforms with a range of throughput capabilities.

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Cardiac Safety Screening

Metrion offers screening services against a premium panel of validated Comprehensive in Vitro Proarrhythmia Assay (CiPA) compliant human cardiac ion channel screening assays, which includes hERG.

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Neuroscience Assays

Metrion offers a number of neuroscience-related ion channel screening assays and platforms. These neuronal ion channel screening assays can be used for native tissue and species selectivity testing, as well as more general neurotoxicology screening of hits and lead candidates.

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Translational Assays

Metrion are developing a number of phenotypic assays to aid the translation of in vitro cardiac safety and neuroscience data to the preclinical stage.

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Integrated Drug Discovery

For ion channel targets, our team has extensive experience supporting client integrated research programmes. Metrion has a track record of successful delivery of high quality assays, long term delivery of screening data to defined timelines and has delivered clinical candidates for our clients.