Leadership Team

Our Leadership Team

Our goal is to deliver an outstanding customer experience through our passion for ion channel drug discovery. We are focused on quality and attention to detail. We seek out and act upon feedback, enabling us to continue to improve as a company.

The Metrion Biosciences Management Team have extensive, varied and proven ion channel expertise. This includes academic training in leading international labs such as Trinity, UCL, Imperial, Cambridge, Baylor, UCSF, and Yale.

They have together over 100 years of accumulated manual and automated patch clamp experience and are named inventors on over 30 composition of matter patents.

Cumulatively, the team has been awarded over £10M in ion channel R&D grants (UK, EU) and has an impressive and extensive industry drug discovery and development track record. Successful delivery of discovery, preclinical and clinical stage ion channel modulators.

Their broad range of experience at UK, EU, and US biotech, CRO, and pharma companies, including AstraZeneca, BioFocus/Charles River Discovery, Exelixis, Ionix, Merck, NeuroSolutions, Parke Davis, Pfizer, Wyeth, and Xention this gives them a unique perspective on the requirements of the drug discovery market.

Rob Kirby, Director, Operations, Metrion Biosciences

Rob Kirby PhD

Chief Operating Officer

Eddy Stevens, Director, Drug Discovery, Metrion Biosciences

Eddy Stevens PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

Gary Clark, Director, Screening Technologies, Metrion Biosciences

Gary Clark PhD

Director, Screening Technologies

Steve J v2

Steve Jenkinson PhD

VP, Drug Discovery and Safety Assessment, USA

Tony Rush, Director, Neuroscience, Metrion Biosciences

Tony Rush PhD

Director, Neuroscience

Andrew Lightfoot, Head of Medicinal Chemistry and Discovery Funding, Metrion Biosciences

Andrew Lightfoot PhD

Head of Medicinal Chemistry and Discovery Funding

John Ridley, Business and Strategic Partnerships Executive, Metrion Biosciences

John Ridley PhD

Director of Commercial Operations

Sophie Rose, Sales and Marketing Manager, Metrion Biosciences

Sophie Rose PhD

Head of Business Development, Europe

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