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Specialist Ion Channel High-Throughput Screening

Successful HTS is dependent on high quality compounds combined with expert scientists to run and validate your screen

Cost-efficient ion channel high-throughput screening assays to support hit finding, hit-to-lead, lead optimisation and selectivity profiling

The high-throughput screening of vast numbers of compounds is pivotal to the drug discovery process. It is often an expensive, timely, process which can return false positive results. What sets us apart is our specific high-throughput screening knowledge and experience across multiple ion channel targets.

By working with our ion channel high-throughput screening specialists you will have access to a dedicated and highly experienced team, with experience including high-throughput ion channel screening to support HTS campaigns, hit finding, hit-to-lead, lead optimisation and follow-up selectivity profiling. Custom cell line generation, assay development and optimisation is also provided in-house.

Once we have run your project, we will interpret the data, communicate the results and support your decision making to best inform your screening strategy.

Our complementary phenotypic and translational assays enable further detailed characterisation of your lead compounds. Read about our small molecule library and modular screening decks to suit your project and budget.

Access to Enamine and Assay.Works compound libraries

To support your medicinal chemistry programmes and structure-activity relationship (SAR) studies, we offer access to commercially available compound libraries from Enamine and Assay.Works.

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Case study:

Multi-assay High-throughput drug repurposing screen:


Our approach enabled a long-term Kv1.3 screening project to expand medicinal chemistry SAR and successfully identify selective small molecule modulators by accessing high quality APC and ion channel expertise. Through this long-term collaboration with a pharmaceutical company, Metrion delivered: exceptional long-term reliability of the optimised primary target screen and counter-screen assays over the course of two years, bespoke development of cell lines, including support of complete gene family selectivity and species selectivity studies, wider selectivity studies including extended cardiac (CiPA) panel screening, and exploration of mechanism of action (e.g. closed, open or inactivated state block).

Small molecule library and modular screening decks to suit your project and budget

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Figure 1: Physico-chemical property profile according to Lipinski’s Rule of 5 (left); Prediction of compound properties and drug-like features: Colloidal Aggregation, Permeability, Bioavailability, Solubility, PAINS.

High Throughput Screening at Metrion 2

Figure 2: Compound sets and diversity metrics based on Bemis-Murcko clusters.

Technologies we use for high-throughput ion channel screening

By screening across multiple platforms we offer flexibility and use technology and automated processes in synergy to progress your project as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.


Qube 384


FLIPR® Penta

Liquid handling

Agilent Bravo BenchCel Workstation

Tecan D300e



Pipeline Pilot

Combined approach for your drug discovery project

Primary screen on the FLIPR followed by Qube for hit confirmation and potency determination.

Ion channel screening resource library

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