Validation and optimization of automated patch-clamp voltage-gated Ca2+ channel assays test


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Validation and optimization of automated patch-clamp voltage-gated Ca2+ channel assays test

Marc Rogers outlined the development, optimization and validation of a range of voltage-gated Ca2+ channel assays on the Patchliner automated patch-clamp platform that were subsequently used in an 8 year drug discovery collaboration between Metrion Biosciences and a German pharma company. The project was successful in identifying several lead series of selective, state-dependent inhibitors of CaV2.2 N-type channels for use as novel, non-opioid analgesics.

This required the creation of biophysical screening assays to identify the potency of small molecules against the resting and inactivated state of the human neuronal Ca2+ channels Cav2.1 (P/Q type), Cav2.2 and Cav3.2 (T-type), some of which are notoriously difficult to study in terms of expression levels and current rundown.


Marc Rogers PhD Chief Scientific Officer
Dr Marc Rogers
Chief Scientific Officer
Metrion Biosciences

Dr Marc Rogers

Marc is a trained neuroscientist with 25 years’ experience in the patch-clamp technique from a number of prestigious international universities and 12 years of drug discovery on both sides of the Atlantic. He was an early adopter of automated patch-clamp platforms for ion channel screening and has an excellent knowledge of this market and connections with many of the commercial vendors. 

Andras Horvath
Dr András Horváth
Application Scientist
Nanion Technologies

Dr András Horváth

András Horváth is an Application Scientist with Nanion Technologies. He has gained recognition and numerous awards including in the Congress of the Hungarian Society of Cardiology, Balatonfüred, Oral Presentation, Young investigator award. The YES Meeting, Porto, Portugal, Plenary Presentation, National Student’s Conference Budapest, Special Award and the University of Szeged, Faculty of Life Sciences, Student’s Conference award.

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