Metrion Biosciences becomes an independent CRO

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Metrion Biosciences becomes an independent CRO

Management team completes buyout of specialist ion channel research business from Xention

Cambridge, UK, 22 October 2015

  • Fully independent ion channel CRO offering bespoke screening services
  • Expertise to support a variety of therapeutic areas
  • Flexibility to work on projects of all sizes
  • Opportunities for collaborative research

Metrion Biosciences Ltd (“Metrion”), the Cambridge- based, specialist ion channel research business, today announced the successful completion of its management buyout from Xention Limited (“Xention”). The buyout was led by Dr Marc Rogers, previously VP Research for Xention, with investment support from Dr John Ford, CSO of Xention, and Dr Keith McCullagh, Chairman of Xention.

Metrion Biosciences was established in May 2015 as the contract research business of Xention. Metrion is now a stand-alone independent contract research company, based in new premises on the Babraham Research Campus at Cambridge. Metrion has substantial experience and expertise in ion channel biology and safety screening and provides comprehensive, high quality ion channel services to the pharma and biotech industries. Metrion will retain its existing pharma collaboration agreements, and with independence gains the flexibility to support additional projects of all sizes across different therapeutic areas. Customers can also access cardiac and neurotoxicology screening services, including a high quality hERG assay and a CiPA-compliant cardiac safety panel.

The Metrion Biosciences team is led by Dr Marc Rogers, with Dr John Ridley as Business Manager. Dr Keith McCullagh and Dr John Ford will join the board as investor directors. The research team at Metrion has extensive experience in ion channel and drug discovery research, having brought five ion channel drug candidates to the clinic, conducted multiple research collaborations with international pharma businesses, and completed several UK and European grant projects.

Dr Marc Rogers, CSO of Metrion Biosciences, commented:

“I am excited to be leading Metrion as we commence a new phase of the company’s development as an independent CRO. The team behind Metrion pioneered automated patch clamp electrophysiology, and with deep expertise in the field the company is well placed to provide high quality, bespoke and flexible screening services.”

Dr Marc Rogers
CSO of Metrion Biosciences
Marc Rogers PhD Chief Scientific Officer
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