The Cambridge Ion Channel Forum (CICF)

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8th May @ 12:00 BST
8th May @ 19:00 BST

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Metrion External Conference


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Metrion Biosciences

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Event details

Metrion Biosciences and AstraZeneca are delighted to be co-hosting the Cambridge Ion Channel Forum, for the third time since the 2019 event.

A day of ion channel drug discovery focused presentations the location of the forum is yet to be confirmed. The event will commence in 8th May 2024, the event will start at 12pm BST with a networking lunch and concluding at 7pm following a drinks reception.

CICF 2024
The CICF 2024

The speaker line up is as follows:

Dr Aneesh Karatt Vellatt, CSO – Maxion Therapeutics – Targeting ion channels with antibodies and antibody fusion molecules

Dr Trevor Wilkinson, Director in Biologics Engineering – AstraZeneca – Modulating Ion Channel Function with Biologics: Opportunities and Challenges

Ms Kathryn Smith, PhD Candidate – Tucker Lab, University of Oxford – Approaches to functional modulation of K2P K+ channels by nanobodies

Dr Yichen Qiu, Research fellow, Lignani Lab, Department of Clinical and Experimental Epilepsy – University College London – On-demand Kv1.1 gene therapy for brain circuit disorders

Mr Steve Trim, CSO – Venomtech – Ligands with bite! A potted history of how toxins became vital to ion channel research?

Dr Zeki Ilkan, Scientist – Metrion Biosciences – A Fluorescence-based drug repurposing screen of the potassium channel, KV3.1 with V434L mutation