The Cambridge Ion Channel Forum (CICF)

Dates and times

8th May @ 12:00 BST
8th May @ 19:00 BST

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Metrion External Conference


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AstraZeneca and Metrion Biosciences

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Event details

Metrion Biosciences and AstraZeneca are delighted to be co-hosting the Cambridge Ion Channel Forum, for the third time since the 2019 event.

A day of ion channel drug discovery focused presentations at the Discovery Centre, AstraZeneca, Cambridge. The event will commence in 8th May 2024, the event will start at 12pm BST with a networking lunch and concluding at 7pm following a drinks reception.

CICF 2024
The CICF 2024

The speaker line up is as follows:

Dr Aneesh Karatt Vellatt, CSO – Maxion Therapeutics – Targeting ion channels with antibodies and antibody fusion molecules

Dr Trevor Wilkinson, Director in Biologics Engineering – AstraZeneca – Modulating Ion Channel Function with Biologics: Opportunities and Challenges

Ms Kathryn Smith, PhD Candidate – Tucker Lab, University of Oxford – Approaches to functional modulation of K2P K+ channels by nanobodies

Dr Yichen Qiu, Research fellow, Lignani Lab, Department of Clinical and Experimental Epilepsy – University College London – On-demand Kv1.1 gene therapy for brain circuit disorders

Mr Steve Trim, CSO – Venomtech – Ligands with bite! A potted history of how toxins became vital to ion channel research?

Dr Zeki Ilkan, Scientist – Metrion Biosciences – A Fluorescence-based drug repurposing screen of the potassium channel, KV3.1 with V434L mutation