Yasmin – About Me

Written by Yasmin Henry

My Criminology Studies

Prior to joining Metrion in August 2022, I studied at the University of Lincoln for four years. My undergraduate degree was in Criminology, in which I learned many different things ranging from the nature/nurture debate as to whether a criminal is born or made. This encompassed conversations surrounding Freudian theory and how criminality comes about. I also enjoyed studying modules about the prison system and whether it is outdated with the way criminals are treated and dealt with by the criminal justice system. I spent my third year writing my dissertation on the criminal justice system and prisons and their effect on prisoner’s mental health. My findings revealed that the system should try to increase the use of rehabilitation as an alternative to punishment as criminals are more likely to respond better and are less likely to reoffend in the future.

Yasmin Henry
Yasmin Henry – Metrion Biosciences

Business Management

After my undergraduate degree, I decided to do a Master’s degree in business management in which I decided to stay at the University of Lincoln. Within this degree, I studied many different modules such as entrepreneurial capability in which I was able to create my own new product. This  was a fitness QR code that could be sold to gyms and individuals and used to see different fitness regimes and track their progress. The QR code would continually update itself to keep the regimes fun and new, as this is where a lot of people lose motivation in fitness. I also studied modules such as international marketing, finance and organisational psychology which I found very interesting. I have come to learn that I use the skills I acquired within this degree as part of my everyday job at Metrion. This includes aspects of the marketing modules, which I am putting into practice regularly, especially the digital side including social media.

My role at Metrion

Since I started working for Metrion I have found that my role is extremely varied and I have the chance to work with many different people, where I can learn a lot of new skills and develop professionally. I have loved every minute of this so far and I can’t wait to see what my future within Metrion brings!