Biophysical Annual Meeting (BPS 2024)

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Start: February 10th @ 09:00
February 14th @ 17:00

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External Conference


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Metrion Biosciences will be attending the conference: Biophysical Annual Meeting (BPS 2024)

Metrion’s VP, Drug Discovery and Safety Assessment Dr. Steve Jenkinson will be in attendance at the event. If you would like to arrange a meeting with the him please contact

BPS 2024
Biophysical Annual Meeting (BPS 2024)


The Biophysical Society Annual Meeting’s symposia and workshops are as exciting as ever, with a slate of invited speakers that represent breakthrough biophysics research and who will give a glimpse into what the next generation of our Society looks like. This means we want to see you on that podium too!  For the first time, in this upcoming meeting we have reserved at least 20% of symposia talks for speakers selected directly from submitted abstracts. Principal Investigators will find the new option to self-suggest their abstract describing their latest research for symposia topics. Do not miss the abstract deadline!

The topics will be varied and stimulating, covering the broad membership of our society. From staple themes like membrane proteins to venturing into new areas where biophysics is making an impact, such as plant biology and how biological systems adapt to temperature change.

Location: Philadelphia
Country: USA