Voltage-clamp recording

The gold standard of electrophysiological recording of ion channels is voltage-clamp using the manual patch clamp technique. Metrion are able to carry out work from native neurons and have the experience to be able to isolate the ion channel of interest, using know-how of biophysics and pharmacology. Commissioned studies can involve comparisons of particular cells of interest, recording and isolating the subtypes expressed, together with in-depth biophysical characterisation (calcium channel recording from rodent dorsal root ganglion is shown). Alternatively, the block or activation of specific ion channel subtypes can be examined in detail, helping to verify mechanism of action. Our experienced scientists are also adept at interpreting the data and making recommendations for next steps.

At Metrion, we are able to perform the assays required for a joined up ion channel screening cascade from higher throughput assays to lower throughput but information rich, translational work. Alternatively, we can perform the single assay that you need completed to fill in a capability gap. We also have the right partners to access other techniques, as necessary and our capabilities are growing all the time. Talk to us about your exact requirements.