Jack – My Academic and Professional Career So Far!

Written by Jack O’Donnell

My time studying at Bristol

Before joining Metrion in November 2022, I studied at the University of Bristol for four years. I started my undergraduate degree in 2018, studying Biomedical Sciences which covered a wide range of biologically processes. I particularly enjoyed the pharmacology modules, finding the practical aspects the most exciting. My third-year dissertation involved the molecular modelling of a novel delta opioid agonist SNC80. The project involved investigating the factors that influence how a ligand is docked to a receptor, navigating Chimera software to make 3D models of receptor-ligand complexes to visualise the delta-opioid receptor complex and observe the intermolecular interactions.

I continued studying at Bristol, undertaking a master’s degree by research. My project led to me studying receptor signalling and pathways that have been activated by opioids. I performed binding assays using Bioluminescence Resonance Energy Transfer and Radioligand binding techniques to quantify the affinities and efficacies of eight different µ-opioid receptor agonists. Some of the compounds I studied are well known, such as morphine and fentanyl. I also studied some lesser-known compounds such as isotonitazene and etonitazene which have been appearing more frequently in recreational overdose deaths in USA.

Jack Cell Culture 1
Jack O’Donnell

My Role at Metrion

During my masters, I enjoyed culturing and being responsible for the preservation of my own cell line. I applied for the Cell Culture Associate Scientist role at Metrion to continue working in cell culture, with the opportunity to work with various different cell lines. While working at Metrion, I have enhanced my cell culture technique, learning new methods and protocols for growing cell lines. I look forward to developing my cell culture skills throughout my time at Metrion.