Ion Channels as Targets in Drug Discovery

By Eddy Stevens, CSO

It was a pleasure working alongside Gary Stephens, University of Reading, as we edited the Ion Channels as Targets in Drug Discovery book. The publication examines current success stories in ion channel targets and discusses major drug discovery programs in industry. It also explores cutting-edge translational aspects of current ion channel research.

Approximately one-fifth of all drugs act on ion channels. Of over 170 available ion channel drugs, 27 are listed as WHO Essential Medicines. Currently there are over 60 ion channel drugs undergoing clinical trials. Such agents include the small molecules that have dominated ion channel drugs but also newer ‘biologic’ agents, such as peptides and larger antibodies. Alongside this, new technological advances, including in drug engineering strategies, structural biology, and related computational modelling techniques, are starting to make significant contributions.

The Springer publication, Ion Channels as Targets in Drug Discovery, discusses the advances in understanding of ion channels as drug targets and recent progress in ion channel drug discovery.

Dedicated to the memory of Professor William ‘Bill’ Catterall (1946–2024), hardcopy and ebook versions are available from SpringerLink now.

Eddy Stevens and Ion Channels as Targets in Drug Discovery