Metrion welcomes new sales and marketing intern, Anna

Written by Anna Mikhailova

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Anna Mikhailova

Our new Sales and Marketing Intern Anna has written the following piece explaining how she first became interested in the sciences, her aspirations for the future and the placement she will be undertaking here at Metrion Biosciences.

My name is Anna Mikhailova. I recently started my internship in Sales and Marketing at Metrion Biosciences.

I was born in Moscow, Russia, and moved to study in the UK when I was 15 years old to start my GSCEs. My interest in science was clear to me back then and I selected to study high-level Biology and Chemistry for my International Baccalaureate Diploma. My first piece of coursework in year 12 focused on anti-bacterial properties of Manuka honey which introduced and immersed me into a versatile scientific world. I then started a BSc in Biomedical Sciences at UCL, an emerging field researching technology used in healthcare.

My degree immersed me into the complexity of molecular and structural manifestations of neurodegenerative disorders.

Anna Mikhailova

During my 3 year course, I studied a broad range of subjects from many fields of Biology focusing on Control Systems of the body. My degree was centred around the Structure and Function of the Nervous system, Medical Biophysics, and Investigative Methods of Neuroscience, which included my final laboratory-based project at Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital in their Research Unit. My dissertation was focused on examining adult mouse hippocampal astrocytes post neonatal injury. Though my degree immersed me into the complexity of molecular and structural manifestations of neurodegenerative disorders, it also introduced me to future public health problems and vectors of potential development.

Captivated by the prospective biomedical tools to treat and diagnose diseases, I have decided to concentrate on Management and Enterprise for my Masters. I was very happy to receive an offer from the University of Cambridge to study an MPhil in Bioscience Enterprise (MBE) which combines technical biomedical development with an innovation and business focused curriculum. Recently graduating from UCL with a First Class Honours Degree, I am excited to start the course at Cambridge, which will allow me to acquire new expertise in commercial and legal dimensions and convey novel research advances into healthcare practice.

Whilst I remain committed to the promise of science, I have come to realise that I am far more invigorated by the questions asked within the areas of sales, marketing, and business development. Metrion Biosciences has offered me a perfect position. While being close to the science I will have a chance to explore and gain new experience in Sales and Marketing practices directly before starting my MBE at the University of Cambridge. During this Sales and Marketing internship, I will acquire knowledge and expertise from the professionals leading the way in ion channel science. I am honoured and very excited to start my placement here and hope to bring a lot to the team and company!