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Metrion Biosciences are attending the Virtual Nanion User Meeting to be held on 12th to 16th October 2020.

Metrion’s CSO Dr Marc Rogers will be presenting a talk at the event on 14th October entitled:

Development and validation of ASIC1a ligand-gated ion channel drug discovery assays on automated patch clamp platforms.


Whilst voltage-gated ion channels formed the bulk of academic and industrial effort in developing and utilising APC assays for ion channel drug discovery, recent years have seen increasing interest in ligand-gated receptors. These targets offer specific challenges for APC systems in terms of lower channel expression, rapid application and wash-off of ligands, and loss of responsiveness due to short- and long-term desensitisation. In this presentation I will outline successful development of pipette- and tip-based APC assay formats for the rapidly-activating ASIC1A channel on the Patchliner and Syncropatch384i.


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